See into your future with ScoutRadar#Industry

Emerging technologies are a risk for every company. Join our programme to learn how to turn risk into opportunity.

What the smart companies do.

Today’s rate of technological change is unprecedented, especially in Manufacturing & Healthcare. The potential risks and rewards are profound and imminent for many.

In many cases, companies have corporate R&D capabilities, in-house incubators, or access to external accelerators. Some companies have it all. Yet, the smart companies know expediency and efficiency are key.

Our ScoutRadar#Industry programme pulls together industry peers for a collective look into the future. Built on our ScoutRadar service it helps you:

Prepare for surprises
Ruthlessly scan for opportunities and threats
Minimise biases
Accelerate delivery
You choose the technologies we look at.

We want to find the technologies that offer the most promise, or can cause the most disruption to your business.

Take a look at the technologies and themes currently in our 2019 ScoutRadar#Industry programme, then vote for the most important or suggest something else here…

The most impactful technologies, discovered

As a collective analysis across the industry we invite Manufacturing and Engineering companies to nominate the most important technologies impacting their business. Our 2019 programme will be built on the following core technological areas.

Be aware. Take Action. Deliver!

ScoutRadar#Industry helps you be more aware of disruptive influences, discover and engage with technology startups relevant to your industry. This is how it works…

Focused on your industry

ScoutRadar#Industry looks for emerging technology startups and trends that could impact or have benefit to the entire industry. By taking part you get to be more aware of industry disruptors and the opportunities available to you, your peers and your competitors.

Better together

ScoutRadar#Industry brings together industry peers to share ideas and work together to be more aware of the threats and opportunities.

Regular updates

Our team at your call for monthly intelligence and insight updates, covering news and the latest developments.

Quarterly events

We’ll bring you, your peers and potential technology partners together for workshops that will help you to define your innovation strategy.

Private briefings

Bi-annual sessions with your team and/or your clients – designed to help you demonstrate technology leadership in your industry.

Keep informed

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