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Hotel innovation – an interview with hotelier Eytan Krips spoke with businessman and hotel-owner, Eytan Krips about his views on innovations in the hotel industry. (IST): There’s a lot of noise about innovation in the hotel ...

Corporate incubators, accelerators and the growing role of InnovationScouts

According to a Nesta report, last year in the UK there were 205 incubators and 163 accelerators, supporting approximately 3,450 and 3,660 UK start-ups. Of these, the number of corporate backed accelerators has grown...

Our innovators – startups and established technology companies

Helping Enterprises find Startups and Technology innovators Whether you are a startup, an established technology company or an investor in one, we should get to know each other. Our aim is to help medium-to-larg...

Embracing disruptive innovation when you don’t have an accelerator

Earlier this month a report by KPMG garnered a lot of attention, highlighting that 61% of UK CEOs rely on a network of third parties to deliver innovation into their organisations and identify disruptive threat. ...

disruptive innovation

Why established companies find it so hard to innovate

Technological innovations broadly fall into two categories: Sustaining technologies are incremental innovations that enable or sustain an existing product. Whereas Disruptive technologies are innovations that ...


What is blockchain and what does it mean for business?

Along with ‘5G’ and ‘Internet of Things’ you may have heard the term ‘blockchain’ being bandied about rather a lot in recent months, and wondered what all the fuss is about. It is widely believed that b...

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