In partnership with investors

Our work helps investors further de-risk and maximise their investments. We bring potential buyers direct to startups, providing first-hand customer feedback and increasing market traction.

Client revenue – the best indicator

When we approach a start-up or later-stage technology company, we are working on a brief from a senior level sponsor in a prospective client. With this mandate, we can help technology companies reduce the time, cost, risk and complexity of getting in front of potential buyers.

Technology companies we select could gain from:

Direct client and market feedback
Opportunity for proofs of concepts and trials
Potential revenue opportunities
Potential investment and/or acquisition

It would be great if we knew every technology company on the planet, but that simply won’t happen. We work with investors to help get their investments in front of potential buyers.

Once we have our client mandate we approach the investors in our network with a confidential brief, we ask our investor partners to put us in touch with companies in their portfolio that can deliver on the brief.

We should get to know each other

We can only help each other if we know each other.
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