Four Tech Founders Share Their Low-Tech Strategies For Success via

In the world of technology we can too often look for complicated answers. Sometimes it is best to slow down, take a moment to think and allow time to find the simplest solution to the problem. ...

11 Ways For New Tech Startups To Stand Out In A Crowded Market –

An interesting article from Forbes on how technology innovators can stand out in a crowded market. “With new tech companies launching every day, there’s more competition and higher stakes than ever before. As a...

Mashable: Ford’s headless delivery robot

Ford's headless delivery robot One small step for that robot, one giant leap for automated deliveries. Read in Mashable:

The Verge: San Francisco becomes first US city to ban facial recognition by government agencies

San Francisco becomes first US city to ban facial recognition by government agencies The Stop Secret Surveillance Ordinance Read in The Verge:

Business Insider: Watch Jeff Bezos reveal Blue Origin’s detailed plan for colonizing space

Are you preparing your children for life in space yet? Jeff Bezos unveiled how he and his company Blue Origin are going to lay the foundations for colonizing space. Part of the plan is a lunar lander called Blue Mo...

Why Do We Need a New Voice in Traditional Banking System? | Cryptopolitan

The Future of the Banking Industry Technology has always been seen as intimidation for traditional banking, but not anymore, banks are starting to see it more of an opportunity to do better. READ MORE: www.cryptopo...

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