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We’ve been asked to be the keynote speaker at an invite-only business focused event scheduled for early June in Berkshire, England. The afternoon session is focused on Emerging Technologies and will include a key-note, three to four breakout demonstration sessions and a panel discussion.

The Thames Valley Berkshire Business Growth Hub is hosting this exciting event. The Hub pulls together members of the local industries to inform and educate them, helping them better serve their members and communities by being able to advise and direct them to companies that can provide solutions and support.

Marking a departure from their HR, Legal and Marketing focus, the Hub is very excited about the level of interest they have already received for this, their first event focusing on Emerging Technologies.


Focused on the business community across the Berkshire region, the organisers expect 30-40 attendees from across these :

  • Local Authorities (LEAs)
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Technology incubators
  • Local businesses
  • Business community leaders


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The organisers are looking for three to four companies to provide hands on demos of their technology. They already have one partner confirmed for Augmented and Virtual Reality.

The demos would happen in the breakout sessions. The attendees would split and rotate through each demo in groups of 8-10.

Participants would be invited to attend the entire event, gaining from additional insights and networking opportunities.

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The Need:

We’re looking for technology innovators with hands-on demonstration capability that would be interested in getting  in front of local influencers and businesses. We’re looking for demonstrations that include one or more of these technical elements:

 Connectivity – 5G*
Machine Vision
Natural Language Processing

* 5G service and devices are unlikely to be available, so demonstrations wishing to address 5G should be viable over currently available mobile technologies.

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The event is happening early June (TBC) so applicants need to register their interest with InnovationScouts by 17th May 2019.

If selected, there will be no cost to take part in this.

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If you know a company that might be interested, please forward this to them (including the password we shared with you, if applicable)

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