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Our technology scouting services help you discover and engage with emerging technology solution providers that you are too busy to look for. We help speed up the process by confidentially approaching our network of investors and Innovators with your business requirements, discovering the right technology, solution or partner to deliver on your needs, whilst you carry on with your day job.

For Innovators our proposition is simple. When we approach an Innovator we have a clear mandate from a business that wants to speak with companies like them, thereby eliminating the complexity of making unsolicited approaches to large businesses and heading on a path towards the ultimate in funding; paying customers.

Our history

Established in 2018, InnovationScouts.tech was founded by Paul Moss and Scott Stonham who have spent their careers delivering innovative technology across international markets for both large enterprises and start-ups. Discover more about our founders and their background here.

Scouting Solutions


Our innovation scouts act as your eyes and ears, regularly scanning the innovation landscape for technologies, start-ups and partners that are relevant to your business direction.


A project-based approach to find specific, innovative technology solutions for your immediate and near-term needs.


Bespoke innovation and technology scouting services to research and discover specific technologies, start-ups and partners that deliver on your identified mid to long-term transformation and innovation goals.

Find out about our entire range of scouting and training services here.

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