Top Robotics companies, for Saturday, 11 Apr 2020

A few Robots companies to watch

We’ve got a bunch of interesting updates to share this week from our proprietary InnovationFarmâ„¢ platform .
Our InnovationFarm platform continuously feeds our ScoutRadar solution, automatically harvesting news and information about start-ups, emerging technologies, innovation and investment news. Each week we select a handful of the items that InnovationFarm has captured, to share with you.
In this post we focus on companies in the “Robots” space, delivering solutions that involve ArtificialIntelligence, BusinessIntelligence, Consulting technologies.
Remember, this is just very small selection of the data behind ScoutRadar. To find out more about ScoutRadar and how it can be tailored for your specific needs keep up to date, find and engage with the technology start-ups, innovators and technology companies you need, simply get in touch with us today.


Bossa Nova Robotics

Information about Bossa Nova Robotics can be found here: Home.

About Bossa Nova Robotics
Bossa Nova Robotics is the leading provider of real-time, on-shelf product data for the global retail industry.
Bossa Nova Robotics is filed under: AutonomousVehicles, ArtificialIntelligence, RetailTechnology


Information about Kespry can be found here: Industrial Drones | Drone Software & Analytics | Kespry.

About Kespry
Kesprys aerial intelligence platform is transforming how organizations capture, analyze and share insights about their business.
Kespry is filed under: Aerospace, Drones, Analytics


Information about DroneDeploy can be found here: Drone & UAV Mapping Platform | DroneDeploy.

About DroneDeploy
DroneDeploy has launched a 4G powered drone management platform out of beta, making it available to commercial customers such as farmers, contractors and researchers. Its cloud-native platform aims to make drones smarter via an onboard cellular connection that means data is automatically uploaded to the cloud and processed. DroneDeploy is a web-app which can be used on computers, tablets or smart device.


Information about HausBots can be found here: HausBots | Wall Painting Robot, For Large Exterior.

About HausBots
Automating painting and decorating. Our patent pending robotics are aimed at warehouse, commercial and large exterior painting jobs

Construction Robotics

Information about Construction Robotics can be found here: Construction Robotics Advancing Construction | MULE | SAM.

About Construction Robotics
Construction Robotics is focused on advancing construction through the use of new technology and the same manufacturing principles used for decades in other industries. By leveraging new technology CR believes there can be significant improvements to the way the construction industry operates.


Information about Automata can be found here: Automata.

About Automata
Automata is a deep-tech company that creates products that empower people to automate physical work.
Automata is filed under: Manufacturing, IndustrialAutomation, ProfessionalServices

PanTerra Networks

Information about PanTerra Networks can be found here: PanTerra Streams.

About PanTerra Networks
PanTerra Networks provides cloud-based unified communication solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.
PanTerra Networks is filed under: Telecommunications, Internet, Software


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