Top CLOUD companies, for Thursday 12 Sep 2019

7 of the top CLOUD companies

We’ve got a bunch of interesting updates to share this week from our proprietary InnovationFarm™ platform .
Our InnovationFarm platform continuously feeds our ScoutRadar solution, automatically harvesting news and information about start-ups, emerging technologies, innovation and investment news. Each week we select a handful of the items that InnovationFarm has captured, to share with you.
In this post we focus on companies in the “CLOUD” space, delivering solutions that involve CloudDataServices, CloudInfrastructure technologies.

Remember, this is just very small selection of the data behind ScoutRadar. To find out more about ScoutRadar and how it can be tailored for your specific needs keep up to date, find and engage with the technology start-ups, innovators and technology companies you need, simply get in touch with us today.


Information about Hazelcast can be found here: Hazelcast | The Leading In-Memory Computing Platform.

About Hazelcast
Hazelcast is a provider of an open-source in-memory computing platform used for caching, stream processing, and microservices.


Information about Cloud4Wi can be found here: Cloud4Wi Guest WiFi | Location Analytics | Location-based Marketing.

About Cloud4Wi
Cloud4Wi offers Volare, the industrys leading location analytics and marketing platform
Cloud4Wi is filed under: RetailTechnology, Restaurants, Wireless


Information about Weaveworks can be found here: Operate and Manage Kubernetes easily with Weaveworks.

About Weaveworks
Weaveworks provides a simple and consistent way to connect and manage containers and microservices
Weaveworks is filed under: Software, EnterpriseSoftware, CloudComputing


Information about Numerify can be found here: IT Analytics – AI-Powered IT Business Analytics Software | Numerify.

About Numerify
Numerify is a provider of IT business analytics applications.Numerify, Inc.
Numerify is filed under: InformationTechnology, Analytics, BusinessIntelligence


Information about Portworx can be found here: Persistent Storage for containers & data services for stateful containers.

About Portworx
Portworx is the solution for stateful containers running in production.
Portworx is filed under: Software, Infrastructure, DataCenter


Information about Delphix can be found here: Deliver Secure Enterprise Data 100x Faster | Delphix.

About Delphix
Delphix’s mission is to free companies from data friction and accelerate innovation.
Delphix is filed under: Computer, Virtualization, Database


Information about Ocyan can be found here: Ocyan – Cloud-Native Blockchain Infrastructure & Analytics.

About Ocyan
Ocyan is an Enterprise Cloud platform for Analytics and Infrastructure services for FinTech Blockchain Applications.
Ocyan is filed under: FinTech, EnterpriseApplications, EnterpriseSoftware


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