Top CONNECTIVITY companies, for Wednesday, 04 Sep 2019

ScoutRadar’s top CONNECTIVITY start-up companies

We’ve got a bunch of interesting updates to share this week from our proprietary InnovationFarm™ platform .
Our InnovationFarm platform continuously feeds our ScoutRadar solution, automatically harvesting news and information about start-ups, emerging technologies, innovation and investment news. Each week we select a handful of the items that InnovationFarm has captured, to share with you.
In this post we focus on companies in the “CONNECTIVITY” space, delivering solutions that involve Internet, ArtificialIntelligence technologies.
Remember, this is just very small selection of the data behind ScoutRadar. To find out more about ScoutRadar and how it can be tailored for your specific needs keep up to date, find and engage with the technology start-ups, innovators and technology companies you need, simply get in touch with us today.


Information about Voatz can be found here: Voatz.

About Voatz
Voatz is a mobile election voting platform, secured via smart biometrics, real time ID verification, and the blockchain for irrefutability.


Information about AppsFlyer can be found here: AppsFlyer | Mobile App Measurement & Attribution.

About AppsFlyer
AppsFlyer is the global leading platform for Mobile Attribution & Marketing Analytics.
AppsFlyer is filed under: Apps, Mobile, Advertising


Information about DIADEM can be found here: Smart Mobile Network | Diadem.

A flexible mobile telecom contract and billing solution built with blockchain technology
DIADEM is filed under: Blockchain, InformationTechnology, Mobile


Information about MobileBridge can be found here: Home – MobileBridge.

About MobileBridge
Mobile marketing automation platform allowing 1 on 1 mobile customer engagement.
MobileBridge is filed under: AppMarketing, ArtificialIntelligence, Mobile

Seal Software

Information about Seal Software can be found here: Home – Seal Software.

About Seal Software
Seal Contract Discovery and Analytics uses machine learning and AI to find contracts across the network and extract contract data.
Seal Software is filed under: ArtificialIntelligence, MachineLearning, Analytics


Information about Resolver can be found here: Resolver – Free online tool for complaints and claims.

About Resolver
Resolver provides an end-to-end complaint-resolution service.
Resolver is filed under: CustomerService, ConsumerSoftware


Information about Cradlepoint can be found here: Cradlepoint.

About Cradlepoint
Cradlepoint is a global leader in cloud-based network solutions for connecting people, places, and things over wired and wireless broadband.
Cradlepoint is filed under: CloudManagement, EnterpriseSoftware, Software

GlobeTouch, Inc

Information about GlobeTouch, Inc can be found here: Connected Car Platform & IoT Connectivity Management | Globetouch.

About GlobeTouch, Inc
Global connectivity service for connected devices
GlobeTouch, Inc is filed under: InternetofThings, CloudDataServices, Telecommunications


Information about SFOX can be found here:

About SFOX
SFOX is a crypto-currency prime dealer.
SFOX is filed under: Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, FinTech


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