Top DIGITAL companies, for Thursday 22 Aug 2019

9 of the top DIGITAL companies

This week’s updates from our proprietary InnovationFarm™ technology platform are featured below.
InnovationFarm automatically harvests relevant and timely information about emerging technology, start-ups and innovation trends, feeding into our ScoutRadar solution
In this post we focus on companies in the “DIGITAL” space, delivering Finance, EventManagement, PersonalFinance technologies.
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Digital Shadows

Information about Digital Shadows can be found here: The Leader in Digital Risk Protection | Digital Shadows.

About Digital Shadows
Protect your organization against digital risks across the open, deep, and dark web.


Information about CSC can be found here: DXC Technology: Global IT Services and Solutions Leader.

About CSC
CSC is an IT services company providing technology-enabled business solutions and services.
CSC is filed under: CyberSecurity, InformationServices, Software

Pundi X

Information about Pundi X can be found here: Pundi X Making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone.

About Pundi X
Pundi X is a blockchain company that’s creating a new era of decentralized world to improve your everyday life.
Pundi X is filed under: RetailTechnology, Cryptocurrency, Payments

Next Big Thing AG

Information about Next Big Thing AG can be found here: Next Big Thing – Blockchain and IoT Company Builder for Europe.

About Next Big Thing AG
Berlin-based IoT & blockchain company builder
Next Big Thing AG is filed under: InternetofThings, InnovationManagement, Blockchain


Information about ErisX can be found here: Home – ErisX.

About ErisX
ErisX specializes in digital asset space that offers both spot and futures contracts on one platform.
ErisX is filed under: InformationTechnology, Blockchain, FinancialServices

Equals Collective

Equals Collective was mentioned in this article: NYSE:RTN – Raytheon Stock Price, News & Analysis | MarketBeat.

About Equals Collective
Venture Enabler
Equals Collective is filed under: Marketing, CreativeAgency, WebDevelopment


NetObjex was mentioned in this article: Yahoo is now part of Oath.

About NetObjex
NetObjex provides a Decentralized Digital Asset Management Platform as a Service using IoT and Distributed Ledger technologies.
NetObjex is filed under: Blockchain, AssetManagement, SmartCities


Circle was mentioned in this article: Circle Moves Exchange Operations Offshore With New Bermuda Office – CoinDesk.

About Circle
Circle is a global internet finance company, built on blockchain technology and powered by crypto assets.
Circle is filed under: Payments, FinTech, Cryptocurrency


Moxie was mentioned in this article: Chug chug! Moxie, the polarizing soda, is being celebrated Boston Herald.

About Moxie
Moxie is changing the way eCommerce is done by anticipating what customers want, and engaging with them through the entire digital journey.
Moxie is filed under: EnterpriseSoftware, E-Commerce, Software


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