5 of the top AI companies this week

5 of the top AI companies this week

As I’m sure you will have seen from our weekly tech news series on this site, here at InnovationScouts we think it’s vital to keep up to date with what’s going on in your industry. This includes news, technology, events- and most importantly, your peers. Being aware of relevant startups and companies is a great step to take if you want to present your own company as thought leaders, and to keep your own team ahead of the curve.

So, we’ve decided to step our game up to help you step yours up. Each week, our team will be gathering 5 of the top companies in a certain sector that we think you need to know about. To start with, we decided to take a look at the field of AI, as this sector has seen some remarkable innovation as of late. These companies are listed in no particular order.


If you’re looking for a solution to help you automate and improve your customer support process, Talla is the answer for you. This innovative company uses AI and automation to streamline the customer service and support elements of a business. They boast amazing success rates with their product, such as automating 90% of customer support messages and increasing the productivity of support reps by 20%. Who wouldn’t want those benefits for their business?

They’ve been maintaining a great presence in the media too, as of late. Talla’s CEO Rob May gave a fascinating interview with MarTech, where he gave insights into the history of Talla, highlighted the importance of automation and AI in customer service, and noted that key trends for customer service in 2019 definitely include chatbots. Additionally, Talla’s recent press release unveiled their intriguing customer-in-the-loop training, which is heavily data centric and geared towards improving customer experience overall.


Another company that really stood out to us this week was Bold360. Bold360 are making waves in the industry with their incredible live chat engagement and AI software. This ingenious company prides themselves on giving high quality services that are ridiculously simple to understand, and are focused on getting your team the best results possible. Conversational AI, after all, is a great tool to have at your disposal this year.

Bold360 has certainly been making an impact. The company won a CODiE award, for the Best Customer Service Solution. They’ve been featured at the Conversational AI summit, where they co-hosted with VentureBeat. Bold360 has also been receiving great write-ups and press online, being featured in such publications as Market Report Gazette and Global Newswire.

Unravel Data

Unravel Data are another company that you need to be aware of if you want to be up to date on where the AI industry is going right now. This unique data operations platform is built around the idea of providing detailed, AI-based insights to help technology improve and evolve. One of the things that we love about the Unravel platform is the fact that it works across your company’s entire ecosystem- every platform, application and system is covered here.

It’s not just us that’s intrigued by this platform, either. Unravel Data have been storming the media as of late, with one key focus being their Unravel Partner Program. This program features a wide number of interesting brands, such as Dell and Informatica. It’s been built in order to bring together innovators worldwide- and if you’ve been on our site before, you’ll know that this is a mission we stand firmly behind.

Primo AI

As we’re sure you all know, voice is a huge element in AI innovation right now. Primo AI is a company that really stood out to us this week, and they’re based around voice and analytics. This innovative company offers a voice technology testing solution, that gives unique and insightful analytics to help businesses make the most of their voice assets. There’s some incredible innovation taking place in this company, that’s for sure.


To round up this article, we thought it was imperative to bring Yseop to your attention. This creative company is aiming to build a bridge between big data and humans, and has a number of great AI technology tools at their disposal. They focus on two main business performance solutions- augmented analytics and augmented sales. The use of AI in the field of business performance and analytics is a given at this point, but Yseop seem to be running circles around their competition.

Of course, Yseop has been making a splash in the media as of late. This company has been recognised as a representative vendor in Gartner’s Market Guide for Natural Language Generation Platforms. They’ve also been mentioned in a number of fantastic online publications, such as Market Reports, Yahoo Finance and Rise Media.

To sum up

Overall, it’s been a wonderful year so far for innovation and evolution in the field of AI. If you haven’t heard of any of these top 5 companies before, we’d suggest checking them out in order to keep your own business at the head of the pack.

Next week, we’ll be bringing you another 5 of the top companies that caught our eye- but from another intriguing business sector. Want to read more? We’ve got a number of fantastic blogs and articles available on our website, and plenty more helpful content available on our social media. We’ve even got a weekly tech news round up, to help make sure that you don’t miss a move in today’s ever-changing market.


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Scott Stonham

Scott is Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at InnovationScouts.tech. He has been at the forefront of many technologies we take for granted today, including mobile internet and smartphone navigation. Today he helps clients navigate innovative emerging technologies and is available for speaking opportunities.

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