Our innovators – startups and established technology companies

Helping Enterprises find Startups and Technology innovators

Whether you are a startup, an established technology company or an investor in one, we should get to know each other.

Our aim is to help medium-to-large enterprises more efficiently find innovative solutions to their problems from our network of startups, scaleups and established technology – or as we call them, our Innovators.

Innovation scouts help connect enterprises with startups and technology innovators

How it works

Enterprises hire us to help them on an ongoing basis, or for specific business challenges. We work with our client to understand their needs in detail, then seek out potential solutions from our network of Innovators.

We will proactively contact specific companies we know, or speak with investors to see if they have any stand-out companies in their portfolio that could help address the challenge.

From there, we facilitate and manage exploratory meetings, and if required we continue to manage the relationship through projects, hackathons, competitions, proof of concepts or trials.

Why this works so nicely

Not all enterprises can rely on an incubator or accelerator fund, and even some larger organisations with their own dedicated Research and Development departments need a little outside help from time to time to see beyond their own corporate blinkers. This is where we come in, focusing on a specific need and objectively trying to find the right technology partner to solve the client’s particular issue.

That means, by the time we approach an Innovator, we’ve got a pretty well defined problem that we think they might be able to help with, and a warm lead from an organisation that might otherwise be impenetrable from the outside.

Startups and innovators say hello

So if you are an Innovator and want us to know about you, or startups in your portfolio, get in touch using the form below, find as at an upcoming event, or say ‘hi’ on Twitter.

Scott Stonham

Scott is Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at InnovationScouts.tech. He has been at the forefront of many technologies we take for granted today, including mobile internet and smartphone navigation. Today he helps clients navigate innovative emerging technologies and is available for speaking opportunities.

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