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Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, whereas many organisations' ability to capitalise on it is not. We make it easier to scout for innovative emerging technologies, monitor disruptive threats and discover opportunities for growth.

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Many great companies have gone into decline due to impaired awareness of how their markets are changing, how technology is reducing barriers to entry, changing customer expectations and creating an environment better suited to new competitors.

We know how to help

Our ScoutRadar service helps identify new technologies, trends and companies that are important to your business strategy. Acting as a team-extension, our Innovation Scouts become your critical eyes-and-ears.

Through our network of Innovators, investors and technology executives we can help you see further and engage more effectively with technology companies across many sectors, including :

  1. Automation, Machine Learning and A.I.

  2. Connectivity, 5G and IoT.

  3. Cloud computing and everything-as-a-service.

  4. Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

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Discovering opportunities for amazing technology

Everyone loves a win-win scenario, which is why we love what we do.
We make it easier and more efficient for organisations to discover and engage with innovative partners, whilst helping the innovators find opportunities for their technologies and solutions.

For Organisations

Our team works with you to understand your innovation objectives, then sets out to discover technologies and companies that help deliver that vision.

Whether your corporate innovation needs are to develop new markets, improve efficiency, compete harder or just bolster your perception, we can help.

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For innovators

Our goal is to help you find the ultimate type of funding - paying customers.

Working on briefs set by our enterprise clients, we come to you with opportunity. Our corporate experience helps guide and shape your pitch, ensuring an aligned and productive engagement for all parties.

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Recent articles, analysis and news from our InnovationScouts.

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